Burning pain in the foot or ankle can be a sign of nerve entrapment or compression. As nerves travel through the body, they go through confined spaces, or tunnels. If the nerves are swollen due to damage, or if the tunnel becomes compressed, it results in a pinched or entrapped nerve. An entrapped nerve can affect different areas of the feet, resulting in shooting pain, burning and tingling, and increased sensitivity.

The FixFootTM procedure can help treat entrapped nerves and pinched nerves through minimally invasive methods.

Another cause of burning pain can be a neuropathy, which occurs when something has happened to cause a nerve to deteriorate or become damaged. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including diabetes, trauma, exposure to toxins and nutritional deficiencies.

One particular type of neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, is nerve damage caused by long-term high blood sugars. Most patients suffering from neuropathy generally experience numbness, burning, pain, restless legs, and loss of balance.

The cutting-edge FixFootTM procedure can often help relieve the symptoms associated with neuropathy and help get you pain-free!  

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