Here at Veritas Foot and Ankle we offer a variety of solutions, tailored to your individual needs, including the cutting-edge FixFootTM Procedure.

The first step to successful treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis of your underlying issues. From here our experts discuss possible treatment options. Since no one is the same, we determine the best plan of action unique to you.

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What is FixFootTM and why all the commotion?

The advent of FixFootTM has allowed us to relieve patient’s foot and ankle pain where even other traditional treatments have failed. By utilizing a variety of minimally-invasive surgical techniques including the decompression of entrapped nerves, long-term pain relief can often be achieved.

Had something else in mind? No worries! Along with FixfootTM, our specialists offer a number of other advanced treatments.

Do not let pain hold you back, call us at 713.777.FOOT (3668) or schedule an appointment and see how we can help!

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Heel, foot or ankle pain can often be a sign of more serious underlying problems.

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